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Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy,
CEPT University

The Low Carbon Building (LCB) Research Group of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (based in the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment) at Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, UK) has led over the last 15 years, world-leading programme of research and teaching on building performance evaluation (BPE) at all stages of the building lifecycle, from conceptual briefing and design development to post construction testing and in-use building performance monitoring and post-occupancy evaluation. The group has attracted over £8m of external research funding (since 2008) from EPSRC, ESRC, Innovate UK and UNEP. Current BPE related funded research projects include developing a feedback management system for housing providers (HAPI), guaranteeing energy performance in new homes (I-LIFE) and establishing the link between indoor environment conditions and occupant productivity in workspaces (WLP+). The group has published numerous refereed journal articles on BPE methods and their application in improving building performance and occupant well-being. Since 1995, the LCB Group (led by Prof Gupta) has run a successful MSc Sustainable Building: Performance and Design programme which has a core module on post occupancy building evaluation. This module adopts an innovative and experiential learning-by-doing approach, whereby students assess and improve the actual performance of real case study buildings.

CEPT University focuses on designing, planning, constructing and managing human habitats. Building engineering at CEPT is housed in the Faculty of Technology (FT). At FT, CEPT University
launched the M.Tech in Building Energy Performance as a two year program in July 2015. Students learn state of the art tools to conduct simulation and assess building energy performance during building design and operation. The hands- on learning in the coursework is strengthened by a world-class research facility, at CARBSE (Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy). CARBSE has been a leader in building energy efficiency research in India and has led the Indo-US Science and Technology project CBERD, a multi-million dollar
project, which includes US and India collaborators in academia and industry. In partnership with CARBSE researchers, the M.Tech program faculty continue to find new ways of improving
the pedagogy related to building energy performance, and post occupancy building performance evaluation becomes a critical area for learning and research. The hands-on and real-life learning that comes about though the BPE process, is a natural fit for the kind of pedagogy in the M.Tech program. This will allow our faculty and researchers to engage with and contribute to the industry.

Low Carbon Building Group, Oxford Brookes University
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