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April 2017 - April 2019


The sustainable building design movement in India is missing an important link: ensuring that the design intent of such buildings is actually realized. Currently, there is no formal, evidence-based platform to ascertain the actual performance and occupant satisfaction vis-a-vis the building design and indoor environment.


The aim of this project is to undertake collaborative research and educational activities to develop new knowledge, tools and skills amongst researchers, postgraduate students and practitioners of engineering and architecture, to evaluate the actual performance of (green) buildings from a technical and occupant perspective. This will be done by developing and testing a post-occupancy building performance evaluation (BPE) methodology for Indian buildings through field studies conducted by students and early-career researchers as part of short and long terms courses as well as thesis projects.


A web-based portal will be set up to disseminate information about the methodology and the case studies to begin a potentially long-term collaboration in research, data collection, and drive the evaluation of actual building performance.

An important aspect of this project is the collaboration with the industry partners to identify and recruit high performance buildings. To continue a successful exchange between academia and industry, the progress and findings of the project will be shared between the collaborators. This will help to ensure that the proposed BPE methodology is feasible and relevant to the actual design and operation of buildings in India.

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